The French Farm Connection

As early as in the 1980s, Gary was searching for pure, high quality essential oils throughout the USA, but the only oils he could find were of a low quality as they were mainly producedfor the perfume and cosmetic industry. But Gary would not be Gary if he was giving upquickly: Finally, in 1989, he met Jean-Noël Landel during a product exposition in Los Angeles, California. He instantly knew that the oils that Jean-Noël was selling were of the finest quality he had ever come across. After a long conversation with Jean-Noël, Gary knew that he had to travel to Provence to experience these oils first hand and learn more about the production methods that led to the outstanding purity.

Spending lots of time in France following this momentous meeting, Gary learnt the art of true distillation. He also researched how to perfect the traditional methods of planting and harvesting in order to obtain the highest quality oils with the natural benefits he was looking for. Jean-Noël on the other hand learnt from Gary about the potency of essential oils and their many uses apart from being an ingredient in perfume.

Gary returned to the USA with the knowledge and skills required to produce pure essential oils and soon began to build his own professional distillery. He started with a small selection of essential oils which he labelled by hand and distributed through friends and family.

Gary and Jean-Noël are still close on a personal and a professional level.
Today, Young Living is World Leader in Essential Oils’ research and discovery with over 250,000 members worldwide and eight global farms.