Simiane-la-Rotonde is the beautiful village in the Les Alpes de Haute Provence region where Young Living’s French Farm is located. Working together with the World Leader in Essential Oils, our Provence farmers grow, distill and produce products of the highest quality at the Château Simiane-la-Rotonde. The stunning castle overlooking the picturesque town was first mentioned in 1031; the rotunda and vault have been restored and are in a remarkable state. Today, the castle hosts a laboratory and an exhibition about essential oils. The distillery just outside the village is owned by Young Living, Benoît, and Jean-Marie and in convenient proximity to some of our lavender fields.

Gary once said that “Simiane is the lavender capital of the world”. The Les Alpes de Haute Provence region is historically important for lavender cultivation and Simiane is a great place to choose as a base for self-guided tours, following Gary’s footsteps.