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Cultivation of Lavender

Young Living’s Provence farm is in the region of Alpes de Haute Provence and the Plateau d’Albion which has, historically, been important for lavender harvest since 1800. Indeed there are around 140 distilleries in the area.

Rocky, pure, dry soil is very important for the cultivation of lavender, although the rocks should not be too large. With no irrigation this kind of soil is only suitable for lavender and a few kinds of wheat.

To cultivate a hectar of lavender requires around 15 hours of tractor time a year including plantation, cleaning of rows, and harvesting. Over a typical year the field will be visited around four times by the farmer. Farmers work hard and help each other during harvest time, often getting about 4 hours of sleep a night. A small team can harvest around 8 acres a day by hand.

Full productivity is only reached after 4 years of planting a lavender seeds, this continues until the tenth year. Before this point it only reaches 10% of this productivity in the 2nd year and 50-75% in the third year. A plant is usually kept for 10-12 years.
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